For 15 years, it has held one of the leading positions in the field of production and economic activity of Ukraine. All this time, the company’s goal is to provide consumers with high-quality goods and services.

The main areas of activity of the enterprise:

  • wholesale trade in grains, legumes, oil crops and their processing products both on the domestic and foreign markets;

  • provision of elevator services: reception, weighing, drying, cleaning, shipment of grain, oil and leguminous crops;

  • provision of grain container terminal services;

  • provision of transport and forwarding services by car and rail transport.

  • “Krupyany Tik” LLC is a reliable partner and an experienced player in the field of grain trade.

The company purchases and delivers corn, barley, wheat, sunflower, yellow peas, millet (yellow and red), buckwheat, mustard (white, yellow, black), coriander, flax, etc.



The elevator is located in the industrial area of Kirovograd and has a capacity of 50,000 tons.

The transport and communication accessibility of the granary is ensured by the presence of automobile and railway main and access roads.

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The elevator has the following capacities:

Grain reception:

800-1000 mt / day from road transport;

420-520 mt/day from rail transport.

+38 050 341 12 29

Grain shipment:

600 mt/day for road transport;

900-1000 mt/day for rail transport.

+38 050 341 12 29

Drying grain:

700-800 mt/day.

+38 050 341 12 29

Grain cleaning:

300-400 mt/day.

+38 050 341 12 29



We work with samples of grains, oilseeds, feed crops, liquids and other agricultural commodities. From field sampling to laboratory testing, our sampling services can help you:

  • Get the necessary data for more informed decision-making;

  • Quickly and competently identify information with subsequent amendments;

  • Confirm quality and act in accordance with requirements.

Since we use accredited sampling methods, you can rely on the accuracy and reliability of our results. And because we examine samples, not the whole volume, we minimize your financial and time costs for quality control and other activities.

The testing laboratory performs the following types of analyzes according to GOST:

  • Determination of preliminary moisture and nature by moisture meter

  • Determination of humidity

  • Grain methods for determining the general and fractional state of weedy grain impurities

  • Determination of weed and oil impurities

  • Determination of vitreousness

  • Determination of quantities and quality of gluten

  • Protein determination (Infratec 1241)

  • Definition of infestation


The pollutant tests carried out in our laboratories comply with the most stringent norms and standards ISO 17025 and ISO 9001:2008. This demonstrates that our pollutant determination and control services meet the highest industry standards.


This test is performed to confirm the absence or presence of genetically modified plant material in a sample of seeds or plant tissue. It uses a combination of two PCR probes targeting the following genetic elements: the cauliflower mosaic virus (CMV)35S promoter and the NOS terminator. This test can detect the vast majority of genetically modified plant varieties currently in commercial production around the world.


In order to maintain our reputation as an independent, honest and innovative expert, our laboratories strictly follow accepted rules when conducting tests for GMOs, as well as the provisions of the current ISO 17025 and ISO 9001:2008 standards. In testing, all our laboratories use international methods, which are pre-tested for suitability in each laboratory. Every year, our specialists undergo a qualification test.