The company is equipped with equipment and construction mechanisms:

CRANES: caterpillar MKG-25BR and truck crane KS 3579 on MAZ 533702 chassis;
CARS: KAMAZ 5320-concrete mixer 5.5 m3, KAMAZ 5511, MAZ 5551, VAZ 2107.

Collapsible formwork and scaffolding. Electrical and pneumatic equipment. Sawmill for 6 meters with a diameter of 500mm. and a board thickness of 50mm., a power plant (5kW) and a pumping station (90l / m).

In the presence of certificates for the construction of residential premises, earthworks, installation of building structures – concrete, brick, wood, finishing work. Has a permit for insulation and facade decoration. The company from the first days of its foundation to the present day has been conducting profitable construction activities.

Twelve years of successful work, which inspires confidence among counterparties, opens up excellent prospects for business development:

  • accumulated client base (victories in tenders);

  • relationships with suppliers have been established (maximum discounts);

  • availability of computer programs for the formation of estimates, and accounting;

  • form of ownership – a limited liability company, with taxation – on a common basis.

This is a ready-made company with turnover and history in Ukraine!

This is an admission to tenders and auctions – companies with a reputation and millions of working capital participate in competitive contracts and auctions without any problems.

Examples of constructed objects with estimated costs:

Коттеджный городок

Cottage town:
40ml UA.

Элеватор хранения зерна

Grain storage elevator:
80 ml. UA.

Жилой дом

46 ml. UA.

Элеватор хранения зерна

Grain storage elevator:
80 ml. UA.